Agriculture Wants Store-Level Data on All of America's Grocery Retailers


By: Brandi Vincent

September 17, 2019 

Warren and Sanders Think This Farm Policy Will Help Rural America Rebound. Does it Stand a Chance?

Civil Eats

By: Siena Chrisman

August 26, 2019 

With EPA permit looming, open sea acquaculture sparks fight

Fern's AG Insider

By: Leah Douglas

September 17, 2019 

THC testing, transport top list of industry priorities for looming USDA rules

Hemp Industry Daily

By: Laura Drotleff

September 16, 2019 

The Farm Bill's Impact on Hemp and CBD - and How Some States are Reacting

The National Law Review

By: Andrea Cataneo

March 2, 2019 

Are existing laws enough to cope with accelerating environmental change?


By: Melinda Rogers, University of Utah

September 16, 2019 

Farm Bills: Major Legislative Actions, 1965-2018

Congressional Research Service

Updated December 21, 2018


Snyder: PA Farm Bill package signed into law

PA House Democrats

By: Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

July 1, 2019


The unintended consequences of California's chicken cage law

The Guardian

By: Bmay Westervelt

March 2, 2015 

States Fight California's Chicken Cage Law. But It's Really About Bacon

NPR, The Salt

By: Frank Morris

March 7, 2014 

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